Types of use of kraft paper bags

Posted on Aug 23.2022

Types of use of kraft paper bags

Kraft paper bags are more and more popular in today's environmental protection, and more and more stores are beginning to use kraft paper bags for packaging design. What are the characteristics of kraft paper bags and the production process?

Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, odorless, and zero-polluting, conform to my country's environmental protection level, have high toughness and high environmental protection, and are one of the most fashionable plastic packaging materials in the world at this stage. Generally suitable for chemical raw materials, food, pharmaceutical preservatives, building decoration materials, shopping in supermarkets, clothing and other manufacturing industries that are suitable for kraft paper bags.

We can sort out this kind of portable paper bag with many applications into two categories.

One is the popularized packaging bag, the general paper bag. Most of these paper bags use rotating packaging printing and automated production lines to make packaging bags. The raw materials for making paper bags are mostly packaging paper. The specifications and styles of paper bags are relatively rigid, and their advantages are high production efficiency and suitable for mass production. .

The other type is beautiful and elegant kraft paper bags. This type of paper bag is generally printed on a piece of paper, relying on hand-made or fully automatic production. Packaging paper, coated paper, and gray board paper are often selecte d as raw materials for the production of processed paper bags. Most of them are used in high-end clothing packaging, tote bags or advertising bags for various large-scale events. The characteristic is that paper bags of all shapes and sizes can be produced, but the processing technology is complicated and the productivity is low.
Kraft paper will be the main material for future packaging

Posted on Aug 22.2022

Kraft paper will be the main material for future packaging

With the rapid development of society, all walks of life are constantly innovating and developing new products to attract consumers, and they are also paying more and more attention in the field of packaging. Kraft paper, this timeless packaging material, has become more and more popular among packaging manufacturers and consumers. Consumer recognition, why everyone likes the material of kraft paper?

1. Simple retro trend

Over the years, there has been a trend of minimalist design and retro fashion. Maybe everyone is tired of the colorful style before, whether in the fashion circle, electronic product packaging or furniture decoration, they are pursuing a simpler and more retro design style.

2. Fashion and Personalized Expression

The unique style and distinctive appearance of kraft paper tape is a personalized expression, different from various plastic packaging products. stands for packaging. Kraft paper has a unique natural color. Compared with the actual effect required by other complicated printing technologies, kraft paper can achieve a unique visual sense only with simple production, processing and packaging printing. Methods to express corporate philosophy and image.

3. Green environmental protection recycling

Kraft paper can emerge suddenly in the packaging industry, and it is closely related to environmental protection. Kraft paper is recyclable and can be degraded by microorganisms, and the characteristics that it will not cause pollution and damage to the environment are very important factors. From the promulgation of the "Plastic Restriction Order" in 2008, it is not difficult to see that plastic products do not conform to our concept of sustainable development.
What are the main components of the disposable degradable lunch box? What materials are most of the degradable lunch boxes?

Posted on Jan 29.2022

With the current global plastic ban and limit requirements, non plastic or degradable has become an inevitable trend in the future. The treatment method of ordinary plastics is still incineration and cremation, resulting in a large number of greenhouse ga

With the current global plastic ban and limit requirements, non plastic or degradable has become an inevitable trend in the future. The treatment method of ordinary plastics is still incineration and cremation, resulting in a large number of greenhouse gases discharged into the air, while disposable degradable lunch boxes are buried in the soil for degradation. The generated carbon dioxide directly enters the soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants and will not be discharged into the air, No greenhouse effect.

Today, let's take stock of disposable degradable lunch boxes on the market.

1、 Pulp molded lunch box (plant fiber molded tableware)

Pulp molded tableware products have certain advantages on the road of plastic prohibition. Firstly, in terms of raw materials, pulp molded disposable lunch boxes take wheat straw, bagasse and other plant fibers as raw materials without adding any PP materials. They are formed through pulp molding wet pressing process, and add food grade additives such as waterproof and oil proof in the pulp to achieve the effect of holding cold and hot food.

Plant fiber degradable lunch box is the most active type of lunch box in the market at present. Taking Hainan Province, which took the lead in banning plastic tableware, as an example, Hainan Province comprehensively prohibits the use, circulation, sales and storage of plastic tableware. Pulp molded tableware has undoubtedly become an ideal plastic substitute.

Sugarcane pulp disposable lunch box is a fully degradable lunch box, which can be completely degraded into organic matter and return to nature in 90 days under the condition of industrial composting or household composting.

2、 Corn starch based lunch box

Corn starch degradable lunch box is made of natural corn starch and plant fiber as the base material, supplemented by biological polyester, polyol and other materials.

Corn starch lunch box can be degraded naturally in soil and natural environment. The degradation rate can reach 60% - 80% according to the composition of the lunch box. To a certain extent, it can replace plastic products and reduce white pollution to the environment. It is an ideal substitute for the widely used but controversial "sterilized tableware" in the catering market.

3、 PLA degradable tableware

PLA degradable lunch box usually refers to the combination of PLA composite film and pulp molded products in pulp molding process, that is, PLA coated products.

PLA composite membrane is a completely degradable membrane produced and processed from polylactic acid, which can be compounded on pulp molding and paper products by heating.

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new biodegradable material, which is made of starch raw materials proposed by renewable plant resources (such as corn). Glucose is obtained from starch raw material through saccharification, and then high-purity lactic acid is produced by fermentation of glucose and certain bacteria, and then polylactic acid with certain molecular weight is synthesized by chemical synthesis method. It has good biodegradability. After use, it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature, and finally produce carbon dioxide and water, which does not pollute the environment, which is very beneficial to environmental protection. It is recognized as an environment-friendly material.

In view of the advantages of PLA, the combination of film covering process and pulp molding products can not only save the use of waterproof and oil proof agent, but also better seal the pores of pulp molding products, so that the products that can not prevent alcohol can prevent alcohol leakage. At the same time, after sealing the pores, the tableware reduces the air permeability of the product in the actual use process, has higher heat preservation performance and longer heat preservation time.