After the traditional plastic straw, the paper straw gradually faded out of the market. What is the reason?

Posted on Aug 24.2022

In recent years, the most popular food and beverage industry is a variety of milk tea, with a variety of patterns, themes and joint names. The global sales of milk tea is booming, which also increases the use of related consumables, such as cups, cup caps and straws.

And what we want to talk about today is this humble straw

We usually use straws, but do you really feel the changes?

More than a year ago, the most stringent "ban on plastic" in history came into effect, stipulating that the use of non degradable disposable plastic straw is prohibited in the catering industry throughout the country.

According to reliable data, the cumulative output of plastic products in China in 2019 was 81.84 million tons, including nearly 30000 tons of plastic straws, about 46 billion, and more than 30 per capita. According to industry experts, the use time of plastic straws is only a few minutes, but the degradation time may be as long as 500 years! This is a very frightening and thought-provoking data.

With the issuance and implementation of the "plastic ban order", plastic straws were quickly replaced by paper straws, but this is still not a long-term solution. However, with the emergence of degradable materials such as polylactic acid (PLA), the straw industry has ushered in great changes!

Detailed description of PLA materials

PLA degradable straw has very good natural decomposability. It seems to be produced to replace plastic. Once the straw made of such degradable material as PLA is launched, it will receive good feedback from the market.

Raw materials for producing degradable PLA straw

Today's milk tea is different from the past. More and more small materials such as pearls, coconut nuts, taro balls, milk jelly, taro puree, etc. have also led to the multi standardization of milk tea straws. And we have also made PLA degradable straws through multiple debugging and trial production, and have also made various characteristics that can replace plastic straws.