Advantages of Kraft Paper Boxes for Printing

Posted on Sep 01.2022

Kraft paper can be recycled many times, and the price is not high, the printing cost is low, and no lamination is required, saving costs. Because of these good properties, kraft paper packaging is very popular. Kraft paper is used as a packaging material and is very strong, usually yellowish-brown. Kraft paper is made from kraft softwood pulp, which is beaten and made on a Fourdrinier paper machine. It can be used as cement bag paper, envelope paper, glue-sealed paper, asphalt paper, cable protection paper, insulating paper, etc. The following two custom cases of kraft paper packaging and printing are shared below.


1. The use of kraft paper packaging box printing in the food field. I believe that when you go to eat KFC or McDonald's, you can see the shadow of kraft paper. KFC and McDonald's are indeed packaged with food-grade kraft paper. Usually, this type of kraft paper is used for packaging. The gram weight of the kraft paper is relatively low, generally about 40 grams. It is made of all wood pulp and needs to fully meet the food-grade standards. This type of packaging kraft paper is good, because the quality is good, and the price is naturally not low.


2. The use of kraft paper packaging box printing in the IT field. At present, the most classic is the Xiaomi mobile phone box. With the hot sale of Xiaomi mobile phones, the Xiaomi mobile phone box has naturally attracted the attention of many people. Like the Xiaomi mobile phone, the Xiaomi mobile phone box The high-weight kraft paper used has a special color and a very high burst resistance. The kraft paper packaging box made can well protect the Xiaomi mobile phone during transportation and will not be damaged due to pressure or other reasons. Therefore, the Xiaomi mobile phone The box can withstand hundreds of kilograms of pressure without deformation.

The above list is the use of kraft paper packaging in two industries. There are also classic cases of using kraft paper in other industries. The benefits of kraft paper packaging are determined by the performance of kraft paper. Because the texture of kraft paper is unique, and the color can bring people a sense of comfort, of course, the most important thing is that kraft paper has the durability that other papers do not have.